J.D. William’s Whisky Bar, Amsterdam


Another write-up...only a few days after the last!? It's feast or famine right now, folks. I was recently in Amsterdam, so decided to check out a whisky bar. Opted for J.D. William's Whisky Bar which is based in Jordaan, slightly west of the centre, and nestled amongst boutique shops, restaurants, and fresh food markets. Lovely, … Continue reading J.D. William’s Whisky Bar, Amsterdam


Whisky Regions – Part 1

A Wee Introduction to The Highlands Scotland is made up of over 30,000 square miles of deep glens and tumbling burns, 282 imposing Munros, over 790 islands, 6000 miles of coast, a mind-boggling 31,000 lochs, and, maybe most importantly, 6 whisky regions (well, 5 and 1 sub-region, but 6 gives me an extra article). The … Continue reading Whisky Regions – Part 1