Review No. 5 – Port Charlotte 10 Year Old

Islay's spectrum of flavours, the island's stunning scenery, and it's deep-rooted history with whisky make it one of, if not the most popular whisky region. With 8 distilleries (9 with Ardnahoe Distillery recently opened in Port Askaig, April 2019) dotting the landscape, and each with its own distinctive style, from bottle design to marketing, and … Continue reading Review No. 5 – Port Charlotte 10 Year Old


Bushmills Tour + Tastings

"Generic quote by famous author signifying my quirky interest in the world of whisky" I started this blog out of a fondness for getting pished on whisky with friends, and in embracing this fondness I have since spent far too much money - or not enough, it depends if you are speaking to myself or … Continue reading Bushmills Tour + Tastings