Whisky Regions – Part 1

A Wee Introduction to The Highlands Scotland is made up of over 30,000 square miles of deep glens and tumbling burns, 282 imposing Munros, over 790 islands, 6000 miles of coast, a mind-boggling 31,000 lochs, and, maybe most importantly, 6 whisky regions (well, 5 and 1 sub-region, but 6 gives me an extra article). The … Continue reading Whisky Regions – Part 1


Review No. 6 – GlenDronach 21 Year Old Parliament

I have previously mentioned my somewhat tragic levels of fanboy appreciation for GlenDronach and their sherry bomb whiskies, in particular their core range, so the 21 Year Old Parliament was never going to sit on my shelf for very long - 3 weeks if you are wondering - before being opened. Most would relate the … Continue reading Review No. 6 – GlenDronach 21 Year Old Parliament


Review No. 4 – GlenDronach The Doric

I have a soft spot for GlenDronach. I think this has something to do with growing up in Aberdeen, but more so because of the well-known and much-fabled 'older-than-they-state' bottlings of the 15 Revival, the 18 Allardice, and the 21 Parliament (this great Words of Whisky article explains further), and because of the sherry bombs … Continue reading Review No. 4 – GlenDronach The Doric